The Spaciousness of the Body

Most of us do not think of our bodies as a place of limitless space.

Instead, we have the notion that everything is tightly packed, like a sausage, perhaps.  Or a suitcase that is so obsessively organized its contents take up every available square inch of space.

This perception — that we are packed full to the brim — impacts our health in many ways, and not for the good. It adds to our sense of feeling restricted, pressured, and stressed.

As we age, this perception doesn’t lessen, but only becomes more entrenched as part of our regular felt-experience. When we suffer from aches and pains we think there is no way out, that it is something we just have to live with. At this point many people willingly accept the idea that drugs and surgery are their only option.

Spaciousness equates to freedom. Freedom from the physical restrictions that bind us, that limit our range of motion and thus our capacity to enjoy life.

One of my main goals as an Advanced Certified Rolfer is to re-introduce my clients to the infinite spaciousness that resides in their being. That is an experience that touches every dimension of their lives as they feel their aches and pains disappear — into a space they never realized they had.

False beliefs calcify much faster than our joints. No physical restriction or condition is beyond improving when you come to experience the miracle of spaciousness and reclaim the freedom that is naturally yours to enjoy.